PTM Sessions

These sessions aim at clearing the concept of students, thereby living no room for doubts. The specific arrangement of subject-wise proficient teachers aims to facilitate the students and encourage them to ask about problems and difficulties faced by them.

Orientation Sessions

An Introduction of the ABC Classes System to Parents and Students

The session aims to be brief the parents about ABC classes as a system, as a community, as a family and as an ultimate place where dreams are turned into reality.

Air-Conditioned Classrooms

The classrooms are air-conditioned and are equipped with an audio-video system the situation in the classroom is with prayers which impact essential value and will be the student for making the best use of their skills.

Doubt Solving Counters

These Sessions aim at cleaning the concepts of students,  thereby leaving no room for doubts, the specific arrangement of subject-wise proficient teachers aims to facilities the students and encourage them to ask problems and difficulties faced by them.

Testing and Analysis

A series of test examinations are conducted each fortnight and term for each of our courses at our ABC classes Centres to evaluate our students and prepare them for facing the various board and other competitive examinations. We also conduct mock examinations in a manner similar to that in which the various board examinations are conducted, in order to offer a realistic experience to our students,  with an aim to help boost their confidence when facing the board examinations. In order to discover and nurture talent, we conduct scholarships for qualifying students from these tests to enrol in our programs.

Standardized Study Material

Our study materials contain institute theory and application-based questions which allows us to deliver high-quality content. The contents of the study materials are provided in the form of questions and corresponding answers. Our study materials also include significant points and summaries of each topic, pictures and illustrations and question papers from previous board examinations to help students essential understand and memorize the content.  Furthermore, our study material is revised annually to ensure that our content is continuously updated with the latest curriculum.

Recorded Lectures

We also provide our students with lectures in recorded format at each of the centres which assist students in answering their queries and catching up on lectures they may have missed.

Best Faculties

The pool of highly educated, experienced and talented faculties teaching and building future of more than 5000 students every year.